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School Sports Premium 16-17

Cumberland SSP Delivery Plan

 Year 5/Year 6 Basketball

Year 5/Year 6 Newham Athletics – January 2017


Year 5/Year 6 Football Teams – 2016/17

Our football season wraps up for another academic year, but we’d like to thank all the children involved who worked really hard to represent the school positively throughout the year. 

The year finished with the boys making it to the last 8 schools in Newham but that is where their journey finished, with the girls’ team falling short during the group stages. 



International Hockey Match – Summer 2017

4GR & 4GO had the opportunity to attend an international hockey match between Scotland & Canada at the Hockey World League in the Olympic Park. Lucky pupils were even able to meet some of the players, with two in particular being selected to be mascots for the game.


Year 5/Year 6 Newham Spring Games – May 2017


Cross Country Relay- March 2017

Badminton Competition – March


Physical Storytelling Cumberland SSP – February 2017

Mini Olympics – January 2017 with former student Raunakara

Sports Day – July 2016

Mini Olympics – May 2016

Mini Olympics – April 2016