EYFS – Nursery

Healthy Lifestyles

        As part of Healthy Lifestyle Week, Nursery made fruit salad to eat during snack time. We enjoyed tasting the many wonderful and delicious fruits bought from the local greengrocers, particularly the pineapple and watermelon! 

EYFS Induction Evenings

Early Years parents and pupils were invited to attend an open evening at Keir Hardie to support pupils with their transition into Reception or new starters to our Nursery setting. Pupils had the chance to visit their classroom, meet the Early Years team and taste the school menu to get them school ready for September! …


We’ve had some new arrivals in nursery…the ducklings have finally hatched! We’ve observed that ducklings have waterproof feathers to keep them warm and dry and webbed feet to keep them afloat. ​

Animal Magic

Nursery had many exciting visitors to our school this morning. We met the following animals from Animal Magic; Scooby the White Face Scoop Owl, Bobby the Blue Macaw, Plush Lop Bunnies, Funky Haired Guinea Pigs, Mushu the Bearded Dragon, Sally the Royal Python, Arnie the Armadillo and Travis the Cane Toad. 

Observing Change!

To mark the start of Spring six of our eggs have hatched! We have been enjoying looking after the chicks, feeding them and giving them lots of cuddles. There has been many discussions about the chicken life cycle and how they change and grow over time. Once they are two weeks old the chicks will be returning to live on …

Work Week

Week beginning 14th November 2016 Nursery was super excited to meet Lucy and Luna from the DLR as part of Work Week! They taught us how to stay safe when using the train and the role of the different people who work inside Canning Town station. We then role played being a ticket inspector, a …