EYFS – Nursery

Stay and Play

Many parents and careers attended our Stay and Play session in the morning and in the afternoon. Our Speech and Language therapist, Natalie Scanlon was on hand, along with the nursery staff to offer support, hints and tips for parent with their child’s language development. Many of our parents have mastered the ACI approach by the end …

ICT Lessons

We have been learning to use the light box independently, we can now turn the box on and off as well as adjusting the brightness all by our self! We then built an obstacle course inside our classroom to have a car race. Our adults taught us how to use the remote control to help …


Nursery has been reading the story The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. It is about a little boy who got lost in space. We decided to make a jam sandwich for him so he doesn’t get hungry. We had to think very carefully about the bossy verbs we were using when making the sandwiches.