School Events

Curriculum Event

On the 2nd of May we hosted a curriculum event where we showcased our foundation subjects. Parents/carers and pupils were able to have a look at the resources we use in school and had a chance to try some of them out. Parents had a chance to win a £50 Tesco Voucher when they collected …

Debate Week

During debate week, the teachers performed a  showcase debate, modelling debating skills to the pupils. The motion for the debate was, ‘This house believes that all children should use an iPad in school’. After a fiercely debated contest, team Proposition won the argument. It was a lot of fun!    

Carnival 2017

Painted faces, feathers, flags, glitter and magnificent t-shirts all accompanied some fantastic dancing and exuberant singing as Keir Hardie again showed it has soul at this year’s carnival. Well done to everyone for all their hard work in making it such a special occasion.