Year 4

English hook

This term, Year 4 will be writing a suspense story of their own inspired by our class reading and comprehension text, Varjak Paw by SF Said. To deepen their understanding of the different settings in the novel, Year 4 participated in a Hook which brought to life the modern city and ancient Mesopotamia. On Tuesday 22nd …

Work week

4S went on an educational visit to Ballymore during Work Week. This was an opportunity for the children to have an insight into the role of maths in everyday life, and engineering in the working world. They participated in a range of exciting activities which enhanced their understanding of  different types of engineering, the crucial aspect of …

Ashburton Woods

This was a visit related to our Science topic ‘Living Things and their Habitats,’ and part of our lesson to classify plants and animals through our own classification keys. We explored the wild space and recorded living things in Ashburton Wood using appropriate scientific vocabulary such as ‘arachnid’ and ‘mosses’ and ‘liverworts’. The trip really …


On Tuesday 18th September, 4S problem solved using manipulatives in Maths. All the children engaged in the learning, and found that they could explain the concept of ten thousands using a range of resources, from dienes to place value counters, to prove their answer.  

Team Building

On Friday 7th September, 4S attended a Team Building Workshop, where they completed a series of activities. These activities involved communicating instructions, as well as listening and supporting each other. The children balanced balloons, jumped hoops and challenged each other in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Needless to say, they all had a thrilling time!  

History Off The Page

We had a wonderful day learning all about the Vikings. We found out all about the different jobs that they did in their villages, how and why they travelled to Britain and how we are continuing to learn about them even today through archaeology. We even trained as Viking warriors in order to battle the Anglo-Saxons.