Year 5


In maths we have been learning about place value and reading numbers up to ten million. We used place value grids and counters to help us support each other in our learning.  

School Council Elections

This week the children voted for their school council representatives. All the children who wanted to put themselves forwards had to speak in front of the class and explain why they were a good candidate. This tied to our P.S.H.E theme for the week- democracy, where the children learnt about what democracy is and how it …

English Hook

In Year 5 we are learning about poetry, specifically ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. As part of our hook we created our own poems by finding and cutting out powerful words from magazines before putting  them together.

Happy Puzzle workshop

What a way to start the Year! Year 5 worked with the Happy Puzzle company to see if we could solve the challenges in the ‘Coding Box’. We had to use a range of mathematical strategies in order to be successful, from solving algebraic equations to finding patterns in Emojis. We had great fun.


Yr 5 went on a visit to Suntrap in Epping Forest which involved a workshop entitled: Rivers and Coasts. Here pupils explored how rivers and coasts are formed and learned lots of new vocabulary, such as:  a confluence and the mouth of a river. 

Science Museum visit

During Science and Computing Week Year 5 visited The Science Museum, which involved a workshop entitled: Feel The Force. Here pupils learnt about a number of different forces through two superstars in Phil and Philomena The Frog. Mr Eastman was nominated to take part in an activity by the whole of Year 5.