Year 6

Happy Puzzle Workshop

The children experienced the Happy Puzzle workshop. They were tasked with solving different problems as part of a team. The children had to draw on their mathematical skills to succeed, and at the end of the session the children were grateful for the opportunity to learn and have fun!  

Book Club

During Mrs Freeman’s book club in Year 6, the children have been reading a range of texts, making predictions, inferring and improving their reading and comprehension skills.

Year 6 Mayan Art Project

During the summer term, Year 6 have been learning about the Mayans through history and art. In history, the children have been learning about the Mayan civilisation, gods and lifestyle whilst comparing this to present times. In art, the children have  researched Mayan art and created their own designs.

Visit to Beckton Globe

On Friday 23.02.2018  a group of children from Year 6 went to Beckton Globe Library. During their visit, the children met the poet Neal Zetter who shared some of his work with them. As one of the UK’s leading performance poets, he provided the opportunity for the pupils to create and perform their own Kenning poems. …