Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles Week 2018

The week 18th – 22nd June was our Healthy Lifestyles week and the children engaged in some exciting activities to support their learning. Please see timetable for the various activities for the different year groups.

A special thank you goes to 3 of the staff from Sunny Smiles Dental Practice in Canning Town who delivered a very enjoyable and informative assembly to the children in EYFS and KS1 and to their parents. 

Each lunchtime, the children were encouraged to try a particular fruit or vegetable and were awarded a sticker if they tried it. We are expecting that, having tried something unfamiliar and enjoyed it, the children will not hesitate to try more new foods and healthy options on a regular basis.

Monday – Beetroot
Tuesday – Olives
Wednesday – Sugar Snap Peas
Thursday – Mango
Friday – Water Melon


The fruit tuckshops in the playground, organised by the School Council, were a great success and we have discovered that pineapple is a firm favourite along with mandarin oranges and dried raisins.



Cycling Training – November 2017

Throughout the week 20-24 November twenty one of our Year 5/6 pupils took part in the Level 1 & 2 Cycle Training provided by Cycle Confident. Prior to the course the children were able to get their bikes checked over by Dr Bike to ensure that they were safe and roadworthy.

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During the week they spent some time in the playground practising their Level 1 basic skills before going on the roads to complete the Level 2 training.

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At the end of the week the children celebrated their achievements and were presented with their certificates during assembly.

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Cycling Training – October 2017

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and sustainable modes of transport, 30 pupils from year 3 & 4 took part in 2 days cycle training on 10th & 11th October. As in previous years the course was funded by LBN and delivered by Cycle Confident.


Healthy Lifestyles Week 2017

To kick off Healthy Lifestyles week, Keir Hardie pupils, parents and teachers started the day with an exciting aerobics session in the playground. A special thank you to our aerobics instructor Debbie for delivering such a fantastic session.


Gardening Club

Learning about gardening safety and its rules.

Sowing and planting.

Assembling the weather station and recording it weekly.

Caring for plants.

Harvesting the potatoes!

Picking the tomatoes!


At Keir Hardie we are always seeking to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Cycling and scooting are two of the pleasures that many of our children enjoy and as a school we encourage children to cycle or scoot to school on a regular basis. The pictures below show how many bikes and scooters we have in our storage racks on a normal day.

In order to ensure that the children are learning good cycling techniques, safety skills and road awareness we take part in the Newham-funded cycling courses run by Cycling Confident. In October 53 of our children (29 from years 3 & 4 and 24 from years 5 & 6) took part in the level 1 and level 1/2 cycling courses.

This year we were also pleased to have Dr Bike come in to check the children’s bikes before they went on the roads.

From Farm to Fork

As part of Healthy Lifestyles Week we were delighted to welcome two members of staff from the Tesco store at Bow who taught us about the journey our food takes “From Farm to Fork.” The whole school shared in a special assembly which was rounded off with each pupil having the opportunity to sample some delicious, healthy fruit. Thank you Tesco!




We have the Activemark, and all our children experience at least 2 hours of PE every week.

We have the full range of sports clubs and activities, including KS1 multi-skills, KS2 multi-skills, football, basketball and dance classes for KS1 and Year 6.

Key Stage 2 classes take part in a cycle training and road safety course.

We have had the local authority’s Food in Schools project recently to update our menu, and children find now our menu is healthier.

All pupils have free school meals for the next two years.

Children learn about how the body works, how to care for it and what makes a healthy lifestyle through the curriculum.

We have an allotment where children enjoy planting, tending, growing and eventually eating our own produce.

We participate in all the “walk to school” events and have achieved a Bronze Award for our School Travel Plan.