Inspire Work Week

Keir Hardie Work Week – 14th -18th November 2016

This was our school’s 4th Work Week. All children from Nursery to Y6 participated in the week which aims to:

  • Develop children’s awareness of the world of work and work-related concepts and vocabulary.
  • Increase understanding of the variety of occupations and roles, and help prevent stereotypes around gender and cultural suitability for particular jobs.
  • Help demonstrate the links between learning in school and success in adult life.
  • Develop children’s financial capability from a young age and increase understanding of why people earn and save money.
  • Develop children’s sense of responsibility and their skills for co-operation, enterprise and problem solving.
  • Develop parent/ carers awareness of the world of work.


Each year group has focused on a different work-related theme and participated in daily classroom sessions, in-school workshops with world of work visitors and visits to local workplaces. 15billion-ebp supported the week by briefing teachers, providing detailed lesson plans, resources and props for the children and organising the input of a wide range of employers.

The work week themes were:

Nursery – The great outdoors

Pupils learn about ‘outside’ jobs (such as builder and gardener) through role play, adult-led and child-initiated activities.

Reception – Active Jobs

Pupils learn about jobs that involve being active and lots of movement (such as sport and fitness and emergency services)

Year 1 – The workplace

Pupils learn about the variety of jobs there could be in the same workplace and the skills used. There is also a focus on challenging gender stereotypes.

Year 2 – Our community

Pupils learn about different job roles which help the community and work in the role of 999 operators.

Year 3 – Why we work

Pupils explore why people go to work and what motivates people to do certain jobs.

Year 4 – Your skills at work

Pupils explore different jobs each day through creative activities and role play.

Year 5 – This can be you

Pupils focus on aspirational careers by researching successful people with links to Newham, participating in ‘speed networking’ with business volunteers and writing job applications.

Year 6 – Dragon’s Den

As companies, groups of pupils created a product, write a business plan and are supported by a business volunteer to perfect their presentation skills before presenting to a Dragon’s Den panel.


DLR talking to the children about working on trains and train safety.

Year 2

The Dog’s Trust spoke about working with animals.

Year 4

Learning about the construction industry and learning about the importance of Maths and English in the work place.

Year 5

Questioning professionals about their careers and jobs during ‘speed networking’.

Year 6

Pitching products to a group of professionals for ‘Dragon’s Den.