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Sapphire House Celebrations

On Thursday 19th April, Sapphire House celebrated having the most house points for Spring Term. Here is what our pupils and staff had to say:


I found the prize for Sapphire really fun as there were different challenges on the bouncy castle. I was very excited to be going with my team. – Mobushra 5E

It was a fantastic reward for all of the hard work that Sapphire have been doing, we all enjoyed it immensely. – Miss Ranu

I felt very happy because I like bouncy castles. I am very happy and proud of myself for being on the winning team. –Ibadah 1D

It was an amazing, surreal experience; we weren’t expecting it at all. It was a nice way to show the children how much we appreciate their effort and hard work. I can’t wait to see what the next reward is going to be! – Mrs Tina

When I went on the four bouncy castles it was really fun. The pirate one was difficult because it was a challenge. I had great fun. I was happy and proud to be on the winning team. – Mehjabeen 3H

It was an unreal experience and I still don’t believe Mr Ferguson and his white lie that he drew with me on the bungee! It was great to see a reward for all our hard work! Sapphire forever!- Mr Eastman

I really enjoyed myself because I got to play on bouncy castles. I felt very proud of myself and my house. The bit I really enjoyed was when I went down the big slide with my friends from my house. I also really enjoyed the obstacle course because it was a challenge for me and my friends. – Julieta 6G

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House point leaderboard – Summer Term

 Monday 9th July

1st Place

Sapphire 1878 points

2nd Place

Garnet              1749 points

3rd Place

Emerald              1747 points

4th Place

Citrine              1702 points