Admissions to Keir Hardie Primary School (Reception to Year 6)

The London Borough of Newham is the Admission Authority for the school. They organise all admissions centrally. Application forms are available online or through contacting the council 020 8430 2000.

Reception admission for entry from September 2019 – apply by 15th January 2019

Primary In-Year school admissions 2018/2019

Primary school admissions for entry  September 2019

Secondary school admissions for entry September 2019

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Admission to Nursery 

Please note, unlike admissions to the main school, nursery admissions are handled directly by the school. All parents are welcome to fill in an application form for a nursery place as soon as their child is 2½ years old. It is important to note that a nursery place does not guarantee a place in any particular primary school. Equally, parents keep the right to a primary school place even if they do not take up a nursery place. Children are eligible to start Nursery as soon as they turn three years old. Parents are not able to appeal for a nursery place but can try a different nursery.

Hours for the nursery are:

Morning session:     8:45-11:45am

Afternoon session: 12:15-3:15pm