Sports Premium

PE Premium Funding Strategy

Schools receive sports premium funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer. At Keir Hardie Primary School, Sports Premium money has raised the profile of physical health, increased the range of sports we offer, more opportunities for inter and intra sports competitions and improved the quality of PE teaching and coaching our pupils receive. 

As a result:

  • Our school has been awarded the School Games Gold Award for 5 years running, now working towards the School Games Platinum Award.
  • Pupils feedback in surveys shows PE is in the top 3 most favourite subjects 
  • We have oversubscribed sports clubs after and before school
  • Our school is extremely successful in local competitions


Due to Covid-19, research shows a high proportion of pupils have had less opportunities for physical activity. This has led to a decrease in stamina for some of our pupils due to the sedentary behaviour. 

A high proportion of our pupils  live in a densely populated area with limited outdoor space or no access to garden spaces and a high number of families living in flats. This has impacted on physical exercise among our pupils. Our recovery curriculum is focused on strengthening our pupils’ physical and mental wellbeing. We have implemented short PE activities during the school day in addition to  2 PE sessions that each year group has per week. Pupils that are self-isolating are referred to websites that offer physical activities to encourage pupils to stay active at home.