To inspire our pupils to appreciate and innovate, using the works of famous artists, to develop art skills and produce their own pieces of art. We want our Art curriculum to celebrate inclusion and diversity, support mental health and wellbeing, helping all our pupils to enjoy and express themselves.

Our Art curriculum offers opportunities for pupils to learn key art skills, develop their creativity, imagination, knowledge and technique. We want our pupils to have the art skills and knowledge to develop into confident Art critiques, and not just consumers of Art. 

We want our pupils to enjoy and explore using different art mediums, develop or master their art techniques, create, celebrate and exhibit their work.


Our Art overview enables pupils to experience working with all the main Art mediums including, drawing, painting, sculpture, printing and collage, with clear progression from one year to the next. Through our Learning Journeys, pupils are exposed to Art related vocabulary and techniques, supported by working with experts, educational visits, workshops and exploration to develop their skills and knowledge. Pupils are provided with opportunities to create their own pieces of art and evaluate them as part of the learning process.

We use specialist Arts organisations like Artsgeneration to support the delivery of sculpture, painting, drawing and mosaic workshops. “A Little Learning” for digital art like Algorithmic art; the Creative Schools Network for several art projects and competitions across schools that reflect the needs of our community.

Our pupils are proud of their work, which is celebrated on our outstanding displays around the school. Art exhibitions and competitions supports cross-curricular links with performing arts and other Foundation subjects, ensuring that our pupils remain inspired and motivated.


Our pupils enjoy Art, especially the opportunity to be creative, expressive and imaginative. They develop transferable skills, gain confidence in using artist vocabulary and make better links with other areas of the National Curriculum.

Pupils create their own pieces of work inspired by the work of famous artists. They are confident, creative and use their imagination by adding their ‘personal touch’ to produce final pieces.

Pupils enjoy talking about their work, they showcase their final artwork through exhibitions in school and in the community as a way of celebrating and inspiring others.

Achieving Artsmark Gold accreditation in 2021 sums up and celebrates the impact of our Art provision.

The TES post, “The way Artsmark motivated and inspired our school to embed the arts in our curriculum, as well as the positive responses from our pupils and staff, have been absolutely incredible.” Manuela De Rogatis, Teacher (Art), Keir Hardie Primary School