Awards for the week ending 9th October 2020

Magic Award is for Jurnelle for having a positive attitude in all areas of her learning.

Magic Award –  Samalie for having a very positive attitude towards learning.

Magic Award – Doni for always showing motivation towards his learning 

Aiden: trying his best during English

Magic Award – Mohammed – Having a positive attitude to his work and learning.

Spotlight Award – Saleem – Retelling a story in his own words using excellent adjectives

Magic award – Zahra for showing a positive attitude and trying her best at all times.

Spotlight award – Jonid for his participation in class discussions and trying his best in all subjects.

Magic Award – Zeineb – for always having a positive approach to her work

Spotlight Certificate – Iannis for his good work on Google class room during the school closure.

Magic Award – Saanvi who has joined class 4R this week and shown a positive attitude, making friends and trying her very best in class.
It has been noticed by everyone! Well done Saanvi!

Spotlight Certificate – Mihaela for some great work and discussion during English this week

Magic Award – Georgie Restell for adopting a positive attitude and completing  his work on time to a high standard of presentation.

Spotlight Certificate – Ieva Plavko for staying on task and giving her very best to all activities


Warisha – MAGIC award for fantastic positive attitude and focus in class all week long
Eve – Spotlight Certificate for exemplary kindness and partnership work with her table partner

MAGIC – Pleasure (showing positive attitude in his learning). 

Spotlight – Noelia (sharing ideas in class). 

Spotlight Certificate – Kian – for making great contributions in PSHE lessons and communicating his ideas clearly 

Magic Award – Jasmine – for having a positive attitude towards her learning & demonstrating a thirst for knowledge