EYFS Gardening 18th October

Gardening activity: saving seeds from fresh food. LO: knowing that fresh fruit and vegetables produce seeds – investigating diffrent fruits and vegetables to find their seeds – learning how to extract and save seeds – – Why we do this?  – What types of seeds there are? – Understanding the properties and textures of seeds. …

SEND gardening activity – 13th October 2021

Activity: grassy head creature making!   Learning Objectives:   * Following instructions, taking turns, teamwork, using language from their own imagination  * learning responsibilities to care for their “monster”.  * making choices (what kind of features they wanted to make for their grassy creatures.) * making predictions (how long it will take to grow the …

Seeds of Hope update

Thanks to Morrison’s and other organisations who gave away “seeds of hope” to the community to break the stress and tension from COVID 19.   Thank you to our pupils, Gardening Club and volunteers for helping this project to come to life! Here are some highlights.