What a lovely surprise to see!  When we came back after the weekend, the pumpkin seeds in our indoor gardening tray had sprouted!   Now children are using the seedlings to learn about the parts of a plant and Mrs Gilani might save some pumpkin seedlings to grow them in winter.    

Winter Gardening

Winter is here and Mrs Gilani’s Early Years gardening team are doing another greenfinger task. All of the salad plants are covered to protect them from cold. The children also helped Mrs Gilani to put nutritional compost on the flower bulbs for them to grow for Spring.  A love of nature can plant an amazing …

Bird feeders

Caring for nature matters: a relational approach for understanding nature’s contributions to human well-being. In Early Years children dedicated a day to help all the creatures and birds with Mrs Gilani and other adults. They used sunflower seeds to fill up bird feeders and hung them arround the school.  We used fruit waste responsibly  and …

Feeding the birds

Care for the birds in winter is very important, as we can help them survive by supplementing their diet, providing safe shelter and clean drinking water. As the temperature drops and natural food becomes less available, this extra feeding support can often be the difference between life and death. Also by having bird feeders the children can …

More pumpkins!

After our first session finding treasure from pumpkins, more children wanted to help, so Mrs Gilani had another wonderful day with children tcollecting seeds from pumpkins.  They said it is “Yucky and gooey!”  but enjoyed collecting so many seeds and helped me to clean and save them for future use.  


In the first half term we were busy sowing seeds and now in Autumn 2 all the successful  salad seedlings have been transplanted into big plant pots with the help of our green-fingered pupils.