Curriculum Intent

Our motto “Inspiring Excellence” demonstrates our ambition for every pupil at Keir Hardie Primary. Our aim is to bring the best out of every child, whilst recognising their uniqueness and meeting the individual needs of all pupils.

At Keir Hardie Primary School, our curriculum is designed to check and build on pupils’ prior learning, support the development of pupils’ fundamental basic skills, plan targeted interventions to accelerate progress and narrow learning gaps, which may have arisen as a result of the pandemic. We want our curriculum to inspire and enrich our pupils’ experiences, provide them with memorable learning opportunities supported by effective resources, educational visits, workshops facilitated by experts, use of technology, well-sequenced and coherent lessons.

Contextual Strengths Contextual Challenges

Diverse background of our pupils which brings together 46 different home languages, diverse range of cultures, religions and experiences to enrich our Curriculum. 

Our status as a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion ensures that we give our 77 SEN (18%) pupils the best experience and opportunities to learn, achieve, enjoy and excel.

Our school staff are committed, caring, hardworking, fully representative of the community we serve and work well as a team to ensure our pupils achieve the very best.

Our pupils are calm, kind, hardworking and ready to learn. 

The effect of the global pandemic means some pupils do not have the necessary skills and foundational knowledge.

36% of our pupils are eligible for free school meals and over 76% of our pupils have EAL, which is significantly above the national average.

The majority of our pupils begin EYFS well below the typical baseline levels. 

High levels of deprivation, increasing number of pupils with specific needs: Speech and Language difficulties, ASD and high mobility (mid-phase admissions) 

The rising cost of living in the area severely affects staff recruitment and retention.

We want our pupils to be inspired to achieve high standards. We expect our pupils to always be Motivated in their learning, display a Positive Attitude at all times, show Gumption when faced with obstacles, demonstrate Independent thinking and always Communicate effectively. We call these our MAGIC habits!

Our curriculum provision supports our pupils to be confident lifelong learners, taking into account our pupil’s cultural experiences, whilst providing inspirational enrichment opportunities, we want our pupils to feel valued, be included and celebrated in their learning, while preparing them for the next stage of their education and the world of work.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure equity of access, through collaborative planning, modelling and team teaching, lesson studies, focusing on differentiation and consistency of practice, and parity for pupils across the year group. We ensure the adaptations within the curriculum meet the needs of all our pupils. We plan lessons (Learning Journeys using the KEIRHARDIE  mnemonic) that maps out the learning process, beginning with a formative assessment (Baseline assessments, cold tasks, ‘knowledge harvest’ quizzes and diagnostic assessments) to determine what pupils already know, as well as revealing learning gaps and misconceptions to inform planning.

We take pride in improving our pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural opportunities, this is achieved through our well-planned cross-curricular links, which allow our pupils to consolidate and apply their learning using skills and knowledge learnt. 

We believe in developing the holistic child and want to instill in our pupils a thirst for lifelong learning so that they are inquisitive and well prepared for the next stage of their learning. We want our pupils to be model citizens who are able to contribute meaningfully to their community and the world at large.


Our Subjects