Design & Technology


Our Design and Technology curriculum creates opportunities for our pupils to think creatively and enable them to become better problem solvers.

We want our pupils to appreciate the process behind the products they see and use and be inspired to make or contribute to making products now and in the future.

We want all pupils to:

  • understand the process of identifying a problem, designing, making and evaluating 
  • be able to articulate their learning, practise and improve key skills, learn new vocabulary and commit key ideas to long term memory
  • develop critical thinking skills and articulate their own opinion with clarity about the success of products with confidence
  • have an opportunity to explore different techniques and develop essential skills in manipulating and securing various materials including paper, woodwork, food, textiles, electrical components and computing software.


Design and Technology lessons will :

  • engage children in evaluating existing products and identifying ‘what makes good’
  • follow the design, build skills, make and evaluate journey
  • engage pupils in addressing a contextualised problem/challenge
  • include explicit opportunities for children to learn the relevant vocabulary, develop, practise and refine key skills
  • take account of the needs of individual learners and that scaffolds are provided enabling ALL children to access the curriculum
  • develop oracy by providing opportunities for children to discuss and present ideas, designs and products exchanging and communicating constructive feedback
  • inspire pupils with practical and technical sessions, incorporating Mathematics, Science and Computing.


From Early Years, our pupils enjoy learning and evaluating products, they value cross-curricular links, acquire and build upon life-long skills in a practical and engaging way.

They develop critical thinking skills, learn how and when to self-evaluate their work and offer ways in which they can improve. Our pupils develop confidence and a sense of achievement as they see their designs and the design and technology process from start to finish.

Also, pupils demonstrate our school values of resilience when learning new skills, communicating their ideas and feedback and being respectful to their peers’ creations. They continue to show an understanding of technical vocabulary, understanding the need and importance of making the right choices and how they impact their lives, for example, healthy diet while preparing simple dishes/snacks.