ASC (After School Care)

About ASC

ASC is an After School Care service that runs Monday to Friday from 3:15pm until 6:30pm. The service is co-ordinated by Ms Belle, supported by 5 further members of support staff and is available to Keir Hardie pupils from Reception to Year 6 at the cost of £8 per day.

There are a range of exciting activities for pupils, including: Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Physical Activities (e.g. Dance & Sport), Computing, Games & Team Activities.

Food is provided at ASC e.g. jacket potato with beans/cheese/tuna, pasta, wraps and there is always a selection of fruit and vegetables on offer. All food provided by ASC is in line with the school’s Healthy Eating ethos.


Snapshot of Activities


*COVID-19 Update

Due to Covid-19 we will be taking new measures to ensure the safety of pupils and staff including the following requirements:

  • All registrations need to be made online using the following link ASC Application Form.
  • The ASC will be located in the school hall.
  • Your child will have their temperature taken before entering the A.S.C; if the reading is 37.8 or above, they will need to be collected immediately. So please ensure we have all your correct contact details.
  • Payment will need to be made in advance, with the correct amount of cash as the school is limiting the amount of cash handling and will not be able to give change.
  • If you have booked your child to attend ASC and they do not attend, there will be no refunds or carrying over unless in extreme circumstances.
  • If your child is not attending on the days registered, please call the school to let staff know.
  • Children must be picked up promptly at 6:30pm or there will be a charge of £2 for every 10 minutes late.
  • If you are late you can contact the ASC on the school number: 0207 476 1284
  • Parents will not be allowed into the school building, your child will be brought out to you.
  • To accommodate the government guidance and the pressure of space, initially we will initially provide the children with a light snack, i.e beans on toast, tuna / cheese / egg wraps, crackers, sandwiches etc.

All the systems will continue to be reviewed and shared with parents.


Parent Comments:

“The price was great and the times of the Easter scheme suited me well”

                                        “My child always had a story to tell me about what a great time they had!”

“ Staff were very caring and professional in their approach.”

                                          “My child really enjoyed making cupcakes”


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