Healthy Lifestyles

Wellbeing Day – February 2020

To raise awareness and celebrate the importance of well-being, both of the pupils and staff, our school organised and delivered a Well-Being Day, with no in class learning occurring and activities such as boxing, Power Reads, Archery, Yoga and Bubble Football comprising parts of the day. Additionally, there we cross-curricular English and maths, as well as an arts and science collaborative lesson.

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At Keir Hardie we are always seeking to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Cycling and scooting are two of the pleasures that many of our children enjoy and as a school we encourage children to cycle or scoot to school on a regular basis. The pictures below show how many bikes and scooters we have in our storage racks on a normal day.





We have the Activemark, and all our children experience at least 2 hours of PE every week.

We have the full range of sports clubs and activities, including KS1 multi-skills, KS2 multi-skills, football, basketball and dance classes for KS1 and Year 6.

Key Stage 2 classes take part in a cycle training and road safety course.

We have had the local authority’s Food in Schools project recently to update our menu, and children find now our menu is healthier.

All pupils have free school meals for the next two years.

Children learn about how the body works, how to care for it and what makes a healthy lifestyle through the curriculum.

We have an allotment where children enjoy planting, tending, growing and eventually eating our own produce.

We participate in all the “walk to school” events and have achieved a Bronze Award for our School Travel Plan.