Keir Hardie School Council


Keir Hardie School Council Vision Statement


“Our School Council is about giving other people a voice. We are individually great and together we are stronger. As a team we are confident we can make special things happen at the school. Our aim is to make Keir Hardie a better place to come and learn every day.”

School Council, 2018


School Council Representatives 2018-2019

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School councillors were pleased to share the amount raised for Odd Sock Day and for the Royal Legion. Thank you for all your contributions!



Harvest Collection October 2018

The school councillors were able to support Keir Hardie to collect for Harvest. The donations this year were amazing. Thank you for your contributions.


School Council meeting minutes

4th October 2018

18th October 2018

7th November 2018

6th December 2018

24th January 2019

7th February 2019

28th February 2019

16th May 2019


School Council reps class meeting minutes

1st November 2018

15th November 2018

29th November 2018


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