Exemplary Writing in Year 5I

Year 5 have been writing exciting battle scenes between a hero and a monster, inspired by our reading and study of the classic epic Beowulf. Children have tried to create paragraphs of action-packed detail and description. Here is a particularly successful contribution by Macie:

Now the roar within him shattered the wall above them. The bloodthirsty monster ripped through his skin in pain and anger, while Andy ran in fear to grab his huge, heavy and silver sword. It had only ever been used once, by one king, who had not survived that fight. Once Andy grabbed the sword, he slashed the monster as hard as he could, but its skin was too hard. Andy tried and tried again… The monster grabbed him by the throat and threw him across the room. Andy felt paralysed – he couldn’t move, but he knew that he could not give up…

– Macie