Healthy Lifestyles week

Healthy Lifestyles Week


The week 18th – 22nd June was our Healthy Lifestyles week and the children engaged in some exciting activities to support their learning. Please see timetable for the various activities for the different year groups:

Timetable Healthy Lifestyles Week

A special thank you goes to 3 of the staff from Sunny Smiles Dental Practice in Canning Town who delivered a very enjoyable and informative assembly to the children in EYFS and KS1 and to their parents.

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Each lunchtime, the children were encouraged to try a particular fruit or vegetable and were awarded a sticker if they tried it. We are expecting that, having tried something unfamiliar and enjoyed it, the children will not hesitate to try more new foods and healthy options on a regular basis.

Monday – Beetroot

Tuesday – Olives

Wednesday – Sugar Snap Peas

Thursday – Mango

Friday – Water Melon

The fruit tuckshops in the playground, organised by the School Council, were a great success and we have discovered that pineapple is a firm favourite along with mandarin oranges and dried raisins.

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