MAGIC and Spotlight awards for week ending 11th December 2020


Magic – Alfred – for using his communication skills to ask questions

Spotlight  – Kadija – for an improvement with her writing



MAGIC – Khaled  for using all his MAGIC habits , especially his communication skills to settle in Reception

Spotlight – Derek – for skilfully using his Phonic knowledge, fine-motor skills and the teacher’s advice to write his name and improve his handwriting. 



Magic: Yusuf for always communicating his thoughts and ideas during carpet sessions

Spotlight – Abel for showing some progress on his handwriting practise 



Magic – Hajrah for clearly expressing her scientific ideas 

Spotlight – Yazdan for superb work on money 



Magic – Anna for consistently participating in class discussions when asking and answering questions for every lesson. 

Spotlight – Amber – for being a positive role model in her learning behaviour.



Magic: George for using his communication skills for encouraging positive behaviour in others. 

Star of the week: Muhammad C for participating positively towards the Christmas performance rehearsals. 



Spotlight – Keren – for producing great ideas during classroom discussions this week.

MAGIC – Ace – For having his best week to date in Year 3 and his ability to demonstrate ALL his MAGIC habits this week throughout his learning.




Spotlight – Nikolas for all the hard work he put into his assessments.

MAGIC – Izma for always getting on with her work independently.



Magic award – Zofia for great communication. She always sticks to the classroom rules when she wants to communicate which makes her a role model in 4R 

Spotlight award – Amira for some wonderful work in history about the Ancient Egyptians 



Magic – Kiyarah for using intonation to get the attention of the audience!

Spotlight – Mia for thinking outside the box when posed with questions



Magic: Daniel for excellent communication with Faith In Schools ‘visitors’

Star: Moussa for fantastic behaviour in Gymnastics three weeks running!



MAGIC – Ria for continuing to communicate your emotions when things get tough and any help that you need. You are beginning to develop your communication skills, applying this to your online learning and learning to be resilient despite challenges. Well done!

Spotlight: Hazera for her impressive work ethic and continuing to set high expectations of your work online, you are a pleasure to teach!



Spotlight – Kian, for his sense of justice and willingly supporting his peers.

MAGIC award – Tahmeed for always communicating effectively. You are always willing to help others by explaining your ideas clearly.