MAGIC and Spotlight Certificates week ending 20th November 2020


MAGIC: Jordana for having a positive and ‘can do’ attitude when trying new things

Spotlight: Aaron for a creative Pantosaurous poster!



MAGIC: Scarlet for persevering and having a positive attitude when learning her sounds

Spotlight: Samalie for encouraging others to try their best with their learning 



Spotlight: Aryan Arfan for always trying his best to make good choices.

MAGIC: Hajrah Usman for focusing on her work with a positive attitude since returning to school.



Spotlight: Lacey for always being so well behaved and showing good listening during carpet sessions

MAGIC: Reggie for showing enthusiasm in his learning at all times.



Spotlight: Arya for her story writing in English 

MAGIC: Arisha for staying positive throughout challenging activities.  



Spotlight: Sofia for developing resilience towards her learning.

MAGIC: Omar for showing a positive attitude towards others during lessons and lunch times. 



MAGIC: Mikael for showing superb positive attitude in catching up with his work and for setting the perfect example for his peers.

Spotlight: Lexci – for working really hard in her phonics this week and for practicing extra spellings at home



MAGIC: Jason for his positive attitude this week with his learning. We are very impressed!

Spotlight: Beck for his participation in class.



MAGIC: Aqif for showing a positive attitude all throughout year 4, not just this week.

Spotlight: Emmanuela for some lovely work in her special writing book for English.



MAGIC: Ayub for writing an outstanding piece of work in English.

Spotlight:  Andrei for developing his confidence and participating more in class.



MAGIC: Warisha for her outstanding communication of maths understanding this week

Spotlight: Macie for inviting children into her playground games



MAGIC: Riley for always being on task, and being more resilient in class. 

Spotlight: Ysabelle for being more independent in lessons, and practicing her turn taking with a partner. 



Spotlight: Nati for giving thoughtful responses to answers in class.

MAGIC: Temia for engaging with learning and trying her best



MAGIC: Levi for her continuous resilience in all subjects, especially when faced with a challenge. Such a powerful skill! Keep it up!

Spotlight: Erin for her excellent work in Maths this week. You’re getting the long division method, well done!