MAGIC awards and Spotlight Certificates Week ending 27th November 2020


Kobe – Spotlight certificate for an improvement in writing his sounds

Romeo – MAGIC award for showing gumption when creating and building robots 



Aryanul- Spotlight certificate for using full sentences in the ‘Box Clever’ sessions.

Seynabou- MAGIC- for using her gumption when writing, by using her sounds.



Magic: Mariana for having the gumption to always solve a problem

Star of the week: Jawad for getting the highest score on hit the button



Magic: Freddie for using more Gumption when writing and practising his spellings in English.

Spotlight: Noelle for always using her skills to create amazing artwork.


Magic –  Mahreen  for using her gumption to always challenge herself in maths.

Spotlight – Lexie for working independently during all her lessons this week after she was given some support.


Star of the week: Harry for explaining the 2 step mental strategy for additional questions! 

Magic: Amira for using her gumption, all day, everyday! 


Spotlight – Athena for her good work in English 

MAGIC – Isabella for using her gumption in Maths. 


Spotlight – Maria – Showing a major improvement in her phonics and spellings this week!

MAGIC – Zaeem for always assessing and initiating things both independently and in a group. 


Magic – AJ for showing resilience and mastering long division using his own gumption. He is a true mathematician in the making!

Spotlight – Apsora for developing her confidence and trying her best even when tasks are challenging.


Imene – for fantastic efforts in her writing

Maysan – for being an exemplary role model in year 5 


Magic: Azeem for gumption with his Bar Modelling

Friendship: Lemar, for being very patient with others


MAGIC: Prefdy – showing perseverance when faced with challenges 

Spotlight: Harry – for effectively communicating ideas and demonstrating a thirst for knowledge in History 


MAGIC: Adam for showing gumption in class, especially when taking feedback about his work and using key vocabulary in class in English. Keep up this resilience and resourcefulness! 

Spotlight: Maliha for continuing to work hard in her work. You know your priorities well and are a great influence in the class.