Our maths intent at Keir Hardie Primary is for our pupils to acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of Mathematics. We want our pupils to use their long-term and working memory to progress, achieve and excel.

We want our pupils to become fluent in the fundamentals (impacted by the pandemic) of Mathematics so that they engage with and enjoy Maths lessons. We want our pupils to become resilient mathematicians when faced with maths challenges.

To prepare our pupils for the future, we have designed our Maths curriculum to enable them to be problem solvers. It creates extensive opportunities for our pupils to develop and apply skills that are necessary for the next stage of their education and the world of work. By developing a growth mindset, collaboration, self and metacognitive practices, we will support our pupils to “struggle” and explore different ways of overcoming maths challenges and solving problems.


Our Maths lessons are based on the mastery approach. We use Inspire Maths to support this approach as well as Whiterose Maths to further deepen our pupils’ understanding and support our parents to develop effective ways of teaching and learning Maths. We also use Sumdog and Times Tables Rock Stars as a way of using technology to motivate our pupils to achieve, develop fluency and enjoy Maths. Our lessons are well-sequenced to ensure good or better progress for all, and when needed targeted interventions are in place to support those who need it. 

Our Maths lessons are taught with 5 ideas in mind, Coherence, using small steps, which makes it more accessible for all. Representation through the use of manipulatives and “stem” sentences. We also ensure that pupils are fluent by giving them opportunities to practise key facts during lessons, as part of the basic skills sessions, or during pre teaching and catch up sessions. Our lessons ensure that mathematical Variation is considered and explored, so our pupils see the “maths” in different contexts. Questions are carefully selected and used at the beginning of Maths lessons to engage our pupils and get them thinking, justifying and explaining.


A majority of our pupils achieve mastery by acquiring a solid understanding of the maths before moving on to more advanced material. It prepares them for the next stage of their education, by helping to develop an understanding of how maths is important in our daily lives.

For each pupil, the starting point and exit point show good or better progress, which contributes significantly to our pupils’ developing a positive attitude towards Maths, with an ability to apply their mathematical knowledge across other subjects.

Our pupils solve problems, reason, explain and justify using a medium that suits their learning style. As a result, they enjoy and always look forward to the next maths challenge.