• Our Music curriculum is aimed at increasing the notation and music theory skills across all year groups, with a clear progression from EYFs to Y6, we want our pupils to be able to communicate effectively with confidence using musical vocabulary. 
  • We want our pupils to be inspired, enjoy and appreciate a range of music and be confident in performing in front of an audience.
  • We want our pupils to be creative, compose, perform and sing their own songs, based on their learning (in class lessons and in clubs), using natural or improvised musical instruments, as well as music technology.


  • The implementation will take place using the Music Learning journeys for every term. Pupils will practice notation, rhythm, pitch and music theory, as well as singing techniques. All these will be differentiated according to the age of the pupils.
  • Our lessons are based on the Charanga Scheme of music, providing hands-on practice using a variety of musical instruments, singing assemblies, music software, as well as music improvisation and singing techniques.
  • We organise performances in school assemblies and participation in various music projects beyond the school.


  • Our pupils love and enjoy music, they gain in-depth knowledge of various genres of music.
  • They are able to improvise/compose simple or complex rhythms or melodies, using various instruments they learn throughout the year, either as a solo, or as part of an ensemble. In Y6 pupils are able to use music technology to create, record and edit music and sounds, supporting their skills in music composition, and making them secondary ready.
  • Pupils participate in various performances (in school and externally) and this continues to raise their confidence in performing as musicians. Their confidence is also enhanced by participation in-school projects and music partnerships such as Newham Music, Iroko Theatre and performances at the Rathbone Marketplace and in local community fairs.