School Council 2016/2017

Inspiring Excellence

In the summer term children from year 2 to year 6 were nominated to run for School Council. Each child completed a nomination form, and had to give a presentation to their class explaining why they should be the school councillor for their class.

Finally, on Election Day we all took our ballot papers to the polling station and cast our votes.

The votes were counted, and our school councillors were chosen.


What do the school council do?

The school council meet with Miss Phillips every other Wednesday afternoon to discuss key issues and upcoming events around the school. On Wednesdays when we don’t meet with the school council, we have a ‘Class Council’ meeting to involve the rest of the school in what we are doing.

Our Journey so far…

Autumn Term

Harvest: In the Autumn term we organised a Harvest food drive. We collected lots of different food and donated it to a local food bank.


Christmas Fair: The school council decided to run a badge making stall at the Christmas fair so we had to write a persuasive letter to ask Ms Otieno if we could by a Badge making machine. We were very happy when she said yes! Our stall was a great success, we helped all the children to make their badge designs and then put the badges together with some help from Miss Phillips.

Spring Term

World Book Day: As well as dressing up for world book day, we had a competition to see which classes had the best reading corners in the school. The school council went around all of the classes with Mrs Gamar to see which classes in each phase group were the winners. We found it very difficult because they were all so fantastic!

The Great British Spring Clean: We read about the Great British Spring clean and decided to go on a litter pick. We could not believe how much litter we found outside the school! We want to organise an even bigger litter pick in the summer term to get everyone involved.