Science & Foundation Subjects


The rationale of our Remote Learning Foundation Subjects Spring Curriculum is to continue to provide our pupils with high quality teaching. In order to achieve this, we have adapted our curriculum to ensure it effectively supports remote education, taking into consideration that some topics are harder to teach remotely, (lack of resources causes challenges, when practicing certain skills). The Remote Learning Spring Term curriculum will therefore focus on knowledge based learning, delivered through a sequence of lessons and activities including: live streaming teaching, pre recorded videos, small group discussions, research projects, quizzes and assignments. Different approaches to remote education suit different types of content and pupils. Mixed models may be effective in some cases. For example, you could use the so-called ‘flipped learning’ model. In this, new content is taught through an asynchronous recorded lesson. Practice, tutoring and feedback are then done synchronously.

This curriculum design supports the inclusion of all pupils by making sure that learning is accessible to all and topics can be taught effectively through remote education and resources used are readily available at home. The delivery of the curriculum should be fair, promoting equity and accessibility for all pupils, minimising gaps in learning (for those in school and at home), teaching and embedding knowledge and skills. Support will be provided for parents who want to support their child’s learning through different media, paper copies of the learning can be provided.

The curriculum will also continue to enhance the well-being of our pupils and staff; we aim for our lessons to promote effective learning, good engagements and participation. Every week 1 hour of learning is dedicated to the emotional wellbeing of pupils through games and online interaction between pupils. Physical wellbeing is also a major part of our curriculum through early morning ‘getting ready’ to learn sessions daily, PE sessions which have been pre-recorded and live streaming of lessons. Where possible, cross curriculum links have been formed for pupils to make connections between subjects, knowledge and skills. There is a clear focus on developing pupils’ understanding of key vocabulary in all subject area.


  • Knowledge based curriculum (content, vocabulary and knowledge) 
  • To maintain high standards to ensure that gaps are narrowed in learning and knowledge
  • Ensuring that there is good curriculum coverage in all subjects (minimize catch up)
  • knowledge and skills are taught to a high standard remotely
  • To ensure equity for all pupils


Spring 2021 Science and Foundation Subject Overview