We want children to:

  • Be able to learn basic words and phrases in Spanish – counting, colours, ordering foods etc
  • Know about some of the grammatical elements of the Spanish language
  • Learn about cultures of different Spanish speaking countries – promoting  and celebrating diversity in school
  • Be confident in speaking, understanding, reading and writing in Spanish at age appropriate level
  • Have an understanding how other people might learn a second language
  • Enjoy learning to speak another language


In planning and delivering Spanish we expect teachers to ensure that learning includes:

Lots of opportunities for speaking in another language

Listen to and learn from native Spanish speakers

Repetition of language to ensure that new words are becoming embedded in understanding vocabulary and common phrases

Through the use of games, language is acquired by ALL pupils

Written work – to embed grammar, vocabulary and knowledge and understanding at an age appropriate level

In MFL, we also implement our curriculum through using a variety of teaching approaches and tasks which encompass the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We actively encourage our pupils to connect with native speakers: employing Foreign Language Assistants to work with students and organising letter exchanges and video presentations with pen-friends in Spanish speaking countries.





On their journey through KS2, children will become more confident when listening to, speaking, reading and writing Spanish. They will also understand how and why Spain and Spanish speaking countries are  different from other countries.

Pupils will grow with a greater understanding and respect of cultural differences around the world which will help them develop an open mindset. 

Children will leave Keir Hardie Primary with a love of language and be equipped with an enthusiasm to learn Modern Foreign Languages and a willingness to develop this further in KS3.