Weekly Spotlight Certificates/MAGIC awards week ending 2nd October 2020


Inaaya – MAGIC award for using her magic habits by showing independence in her learning.

Matthew – Spotlight Certificate –  for identifying all the 3D shapes.

Doni – for always staying on task and making the right choice

Aidan – Staying motivated during English

Tasneem T- Spotlight Certificate for her amazing effort in her watercolour landscape painting, well done!
 Laith – MAGIC award for making good choices and his excellent effort in maths and art today! well done! 
Leon – Spotlight Certificate for trying really hard in his mental arithmetic work this week.
Sofiya – MAGIC award for starting the academic year highly motivated and for encouraging others.
Thamid – Spotlight Certificate for motivating himself and trying his best in every task 
Lily – MAGIC award for working hard and staying on task
Shaina – MAGIC award for Positive attitude in class and getting involved in every lesson
George- Spotlight Certificate for fantastic contributions in class for both Maths and English
Simon – making positive contributions to PSHE lessons and being motivated to learn
Prefdy – becoming more resilient with her learning and starting to take risks.
Peter – Spotlight Certificate for his excellent use of language in English and sharing thoughtful  ideas in class.  
Ria – MAGIC award for her motivation to complete her English work independently.