Wonderful Storytelling

There has been some magical storytelling in Nursery! Have a read below of the wonderful story created and read by Nursery pupil Teijah.

“Once upon a time, there was a little fairy. She lives in a castle and she got stuck. Then, a soldier helped her and she was flying around like a butterfly, because she was happy. She flyed to the classroom to find the stickers and then she found them and put it in her car. She went back to the classroom, but she didn’t know where she put the stickers and went flying around again. Suddenly, she found her mother. She was then flying around with her mother and went to the tree top. She saw a butterfly. Abigail came. She had wings and was flying around like an airplane. She was then reading a story to the fairy and butterflies and they found the stickers in the book. Butterfly ate them and then she went on the red planet and had to think hard about what she did. Then, they got on an airplane. The butterfly smashed the whole world down. Then, the butterfly lived happily ever after when everything was gone. The end.”

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