EYFS – Nursery

Woodwork in Nursery

This week nursery started woodwork sessions. First we spoke about how to stay safe and how to use the tools. We then took turns to hammer a nail into a piece of balsa wood. The children were very motivated and focused during the sessions and were very proud of their achievements.   

EYFS Gardening 18th October

Gardening activity: saving seeds from fresh food. LO: knowing that fresh fruit and vegetables produce seeds – investigating diffrent fruits and vegetables to find their seeds – learning how to extract and save seeds – – Why we do this?  – What types of seeds there are? – Understanding the properties and textures of seeds. …

Nursery gardening!

Nursery AM had their weekly gardening activity on the rooftop on Friday 15th October, despite of the weather!     For their learning activity, the pupils: – Made choices of diffrent types of seeds they wanted – used gardening tools – followed the instructions on how to make a grassy head monster (later they can …