Our Achievements

Weekly Spotlight Certificates/MAGIC awards week ending 2nd October 2020

  1E Inaaya – MAGIC award for using her magic habits by showing independence in her learning. Matthew – Spotlight Certificate –  for identifying all the 3D shapes.   1K   Doni – for always staying on task and making the right choice   Aidan – Staying motivated during English   2R   Tasneem T- …

Art at Keir Hardie

Pupil and Staff took part in a drawing challenge set up by our Art Co-ordinator, Mrs, De Rogatis – we were set a challenge to make pictures using hoehold objects as our inspiration.  See below for the wonderfully imaginative art work that was created!! Drawing with Household objects – Exhibition 2020

Keir Hardie Champions

On Friday 3rd May, the Keir Hardie Champions did a presentation for the Leadership Team to introduce themselves and to let the staff know more about the KH Champions initiative and what . To find out more about who our Champions are and what they do, please click here. The Champions had the following comments …