Breakfast Club

COVID 19 Update: Breakfast Club will resume from 14th September for pupils from Reception to Year 6. Breakfast Club will begin at 8am. Any children who arrive for Breakfast Club after 8:10am will not be allowed in. Entry to Breakfast Club will be through the gate into the School Square opposite the front of the school. Children should go into the Dance Studio through the School Square door to be registered. They will then go straight to their bubbles. Breakfast Club is £1 per day.

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Extra-Curricular Clubs

A range of extra-curricular clubs are offered to individual year groups throughout the academic year with the intention that every child should have access to at least one extra-curricular activity at some stage during the year.


Timetable – 20/21 (tbc)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
Yr 1 am            
Yr 2 am            
Yr 3 am            
Yr 4 am            
Yr 5 am            
Yr 6 am            


Badminton Club

Badminton club is available after school on Fridays for pupils in years 5 and 6. The club is run by our PE Co-Ordinator, Mr Mohamed

Chess Club

Chess Club operates every Wednesday morning alongside Breakfast Club and is open to the children in years 2-6. Pupils are encouraged to think tactically, taking into account every possible move before moving a chess piece. The club is run by Mr Lindsay.



Computing Club for the pupils in year 2 runs on a Tuesday after school and is led by Ms Chapman. One of the main aims is to extend the children’s knowledge and understanding of coding in preparation for the future.

A More Able Learners’ Computing Club runs every Thursday after school for Years 1 & 2 in the Summer Term.


Every Monday and Thursday, the Gardening club meet after school to maintain the wonderful variety of plants and vegetation we have growing at Keir Hardie. The club is available for pupils in years 3 and 4 on a Monday and for Years 1 and 2 and is run by Ms Gilani.


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Homework club

Every Monday there are 5 different homework clubs where children from years 2-6 can come along and do their homework. Homework clubs are split into year groups and there are adults available to answer any questions.


Multi-skills club meets every Tuesday with Mrs Freeman and Mr Nelson. Children in years 1 & 2 learn how to improve their PE skills, as well as the importance of working as part of a team.



Cheerleading is available every Wednesday for pupils in years 4, 5 and 6. Pupils learn and rehearse routines which are then performed at half termly, borough wide Cheerleading competitions.

Football Club

Four Football clubs run throughout the week.  Three clubs are available for boys in years 1/2, years 3/4, years 5/6 and a club for girls is held for students in years 3/4/5/6.

Gymnastics Club

Three Gymnastics Clubs run during the school week. The clubs are very popular and are available for pupils from years 1-6 on different days and at different times.

Our qualified gymnastics coach also runs evening and weekend sessions for a variety of age and ability ranges. These classes are open to the local community but have to be paid for and booked directly with the coach. Her details can be obtained via the school office.



 Art Club

Our Art Club for pupils in Year 1 runs on a Tuesday after school and is led by Ms Morina. The children enjoy painting, drawing and using a variety of different media to create some beautiful pictures. 


Arts & Crafts Club

Art & Craft Club runs on a Wednesday after school for pupils in year 2. It is led by Ms Monnan and the children enjoy recycling and reusing everyday items to create some amazing things – an old Pringles tin becomes a fantastic animal money box; a piece of card, some glitter and sparkles make a wonderful photo frame.