Year 4

Vikings & Anglo Saxons!

History was brought of the page and into real life as pupils in Year 4 participated in the Vikings / Anglo-Saxons ‘History Off The Page’ workshop. The pupils learnt about the different jobs and types of valuable goods made during the era; as well as becoming archaeologists and digging up treasures! Lots of fun was …

The White Fox

Year 4 have been reading the Take One Book story of ‘The White Fox’. They were tasked with writing the story from the Fox’s point of view.    Pamela from 4D and Miriam from 4R did a really good job, using paragraphs, imagery and fronted adverbials.

Year 4 Science Topic

Water transportation in plants   Method 1:  ‘Walking water’ activity to show how water from one container can be transported into another to show ‘capillary action’.   What is ‘capillary action? Where water uses fibres (in teh case of plants, stem fibres) to transport itself upward.   Method 2:  Cut flowers were used and left …