Teaching Reading

Reading in Key Stage Two

Once children can read accurately and fluently (which we teach through RWI Phonics), we teach reading and writing as separate subjects. 

Reading is taught through ‘Take One Book’ reading lessons (produced by Just Imagine), pupils study real books by famous or familiar authors carefully selected to challenge and engage the children, whilst understanding where their reading needs and interests lie. In doing so, the pupil’s reading stamina, interest and skills improve significantly.

As part of their reading lessons, pupils are explicitly taught core reading skills such as retrieval, inference, prediction, summarising, deciphering unfamiliar words and exploring the author’s use of language and format. This allows them to access increasingly more ambitious reading materials beyond their expected reading level, imbuing them with the in-built skills they will need to access challenging texts in future years and adult life. Additionally, pupils spend reading lessons delving deeper into the characters, genres, contexts and themes of the books that they read. 

The Take One Book units all have the following structure:

  • Hook – to engage the children ahead of introducing the text
  • Orientation – to activate prior knowledge, build background knowledge and introduce key vocabulary
  • First encounters – includes reading the text, exploring ideas, checking understanding and exposing thinking
  • Digging deeper – refining a response and expanding thinking
  • Review and reflect – including discussing the relevance of the book to the wider world
  • Wider learning opportunities (this may run throughout the unit or at the end)

More information can be found about Take One Book here: https://www.takeonebook.org/