Name & Positions Governor Type Date of Appointment End Date

Mr Kevin White (Procurement Form)
Chair;Language Awareness Governor;Inclusion;Looked After Children;

Parent Governor 05/02/2016 04/02/2020

Mr Cleon Wilson (Procurement Form)
Vice Chair;NPW Authorised representative;Govs Forum Representive

Authority Governor 10/12/2015 09/12/2019
Mrs Yvette Freestone (Nya) (Procurement Form)
 Looked After Children;Inclusion;Safeguarding Children;
Co-opted Governor 10/10/2015 09/10/2019
Ms Astrid Tromp (Procurement Form)
NPW Delegated Attendee;
Co-opted Governor 12/02/2015 11/02/2019
Ms Violet Otieno (Procurement Form)
Head Teacher (Member);Governors’ Training Link;
Head Teacher    
Mrs Rosalind Sarwan
Clerk to Governors;
Non Governor    
Ms Sabia Khatun (Procurement Form)
Language Awareness Governor;
Parent Governor 12/3/2015 11/03/2019
Mrs Chandrika Priyadarshani Wijesinghe Arachchige Dona (Procurement Form) Parent Governor 27/03/2017 26/03/2021

Mr Georgie Eastman
 (Procurement Form)

Staff Governor



Mr Adam Balzano (Procurement Form) Co-Opted Governor 08/12/2016


Mrs Maja Andrzejczak (Procurement Form) Parent Governor 05/12/2017


Mr Oran Blackwood (Procurement Form)  Co-opted Governor  07/12/2017


Governors of Keir Hardie Attendance

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Meet Our Governors

Chair of Governors, Mr White

Head Teacher, Ms Otieno

Deputy Head Teacher, Ms Tromp

Authority Governor, Mr Wilson

Parent Governor, Ms Wijesinghe

Co-Opted Governor, Ms Freestone

Parent Governor, Ms Khatun

Co-opted Governor, Mr Balzano

Staff Governor, Mr Eastman


Clerk To Governors, Mrs Sarwan

Parent Governor, Mrs Andrzejczak