Physical Education


Our curriculum encourages children to see sports and physical activity as an important element of their daily lives and raises awareness of the positive impact physical activity has on their well-being, especially now that our pupils are still dealing with the effect of the pandemic.

Our pupils are aware and have the necessary information to make healthier choices when it comes to exercise, diet and sleep.

To continue building resilience in our pupils and improve their ability to solve problems as they move to the next stage of their education. For some of our pupils to provide opportunities to further develop their talents in Sports.


We deliver our PE Curriculum by working closely with Newham Schools Sports Partnership to train our staff and facilitate CPD when needed. They also organise competitions and external sports coaches to further enrich our Curriculum. Sports Day is also heavily supported by them and volunteers from reputable organisations in London. 

In addition, the London Aquatic Centre delivers intensive swimming lessons for our pupils. The Gymnastics Amplitude supports physical development from Early Years to Year 6 and ‘Let’s Get Moving’ sessions to support SEND pupils. Through our well-sequenced learning journeys, our pupils experience amazing PE sessions and better opportunities for our pupils to engage and enjoy sports. 

Our pupils explore different sports, develop subject-specific vocabulary, knowledge, skills and are able to apply them in different contexts, as part of our drive to ensure that our pupils enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum. 

During PE lessons, teaching and learning show progression of skills and knowledge across all Key Stages within the sports studied. Each session builds on the vocabulary, knowledge and skills taught in the previous one, to allow our pupils to know more, remember more and do more.


All children understand the importance of PE and the effects it can have on life in and out of school as evidenced by pupil voice, sports equipment, photos and our pupils’ enthusiasm and passion for PE. Our drive is to develop the holistic child and PE gives us a fantastic opportunity to do so. 

By teaching pupils to be active, building their self-esteem, resilience and empathy, PE enhances the other aspects of the Curriculum by tackling the barriers to learning, raise aspirations and improve the life chances of our vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils.

By the time our pupils leave our school, they become more aware of the issues and choices that affect their health, more independent and responsible members of society. It helps them to understand how they are developing personally and socially, which helps them to better assess the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up