EYFS – Nursery

Storytelling & Drama

Ladybird Class enjoyed using colourful fabrics in our session with Ms Verity to help us retell a narrative from a book. We then imagined different actions, dance movements and objects we could create using the cloth. We made dresses, superhero capes, picnic blankets and flowers using the cloth.


We have been using numicon to recognise numbers 1-5. We can recall the numicon shapes without counting the holes and then put it in the correct order on a numberline!

Gym Tots

Nursery has enjoyed their first Gym Tots session with our expert gymnast teacher Natasha! For our first lesson we learnt how to balance across a bench and explore different ways of travelling.

Healthy Lifestyles

        As part of Healthy Lifestyle Week, Nursery made fruit salad to eat during snack time. We enjoyed tasting the many wonderful and delicious fruits bought from the local greengrocers, particularly the pineapple and watermelon!