EYFS – Nursery

Caught Reading Outside

In Dragonfly Class the children were asked to read for 15 minutes. They could choose what to read from a selection of fiction and non-fiction books. They also had the choice of where to read, inside or outside. We wanted to find out who would choose to read outside and if they would choose to read in the …

Planting and Growing

The children from Ladybird Class have been watering the plants outside in the EYFS garden daily. We know that plants need water and plenty of sunshine to grow. We love smelling the lavender in the garden and seeing the bulbs beginning to grow each day. How exciting! 

Mark Making

We have been enjoying mark making on a variety of surfaces and using a range of writing tools. Here we are mark making on cardboard boxes using chalk, crayons and felt tips. Some of us drew circles, lines, wrote our name and even initial sounds and CVC words!